Current scenario of pandemic has forced many employees to work from home and it is a struggle for the employees as well as the companies. But this pandemic has thought us looking at life in different aspects and expanding our horizon in learning new things with change in scenario.

As Diwali is the occasion where we honour teams for the efforts put in the work for making company successful. Gifting employees is as much important gifting to vendors or channel partners as they are in front end and servicing the customer and putting in their best.

There are many gifts available in the market but seeing the circumstance it is always good to gift something which is useful and also serving the purpose. Some of the gifts for employees are –

Gift Card – This will give me the sense of belonging as the situation is such where there is lot of insecurity and this gift with value will add a smile on their face.

Assorted Dry Fruit – To ensure that employees stay fit and healthy and this is one of the best gifts that can be gifted to boost their immunity.

Smart Band – Tostay healthy and when you are busy working from home with stress around due to pandemic and not able to make the movement outside house, this gift becomes handy as it monitors your health overall. Very good gift to show your employee care and love for the efforts they are putting in by working from home and showing their loyalty towards work.

Powerbank – Intoday’s time where you are mostly based on technology and usage is unlimited then without charging the accessories you are completely immobile. The powerbank helps you to charge your accessories on time without too much disturbance.

Hamper – Hampers ranging from healthy snacks to dry fruit or biscuits or chocolate which will give smile to the employee for the amount of work he is putting in during this given time.

Besides this there are many more like bags, decorative diyas stand, scented candles, silver set, idols like Ganesha or Laxmi, etc.

We can customise the gift as per your requirement and put company logo to create awareness and goodwill to show your care for employees.