School reunion is a big, exciting and sentimental event for all the participants. Meeting your batch mates after a phenomenal time is like re-kindling all the memories and affections. People go out of the way to adjust the schedules and try to make it for this meeting. If you are on the planning committee for this event, then gifts is an option that you need to plan and consider. You need to work on the number of participants, the budget and still be thoughtful to create a gift that relates to your school, batch and your emotions.

There are various options for class reunion gift ideas:

Souvenir: You can design a cup or a souvenir designed in a retro style. You can get it personalized with funky fonts of your graduating year or a title that your batch is identified with. This will remain as a keepsake with the students. You can also gift a photograph of your batch with the signature of the institution head or get an attractive certificate designed with the name of the participants.

Cards and Bookmarks: You can design small but attractive cards or bookmarks with vintage designs or memories related to your school. These could be something related to school emblem, sports club or some memoir that you wish to cherish.

Gift packs: You can customize small gift packs with candies or jelly beans. You can combine colors of different houses or sports clubs or colors related to your school. You can even get personalized frames with the school anthem or school song framed in it.

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