The Android and iOS platforms have spawned the creation of many wonderful apps that are user friendly. One genre among them are the fitness apps. There is more awareness today about the need to remain fit among all sections of users. It is now possible through fitness apps along with fitness bands to monitor workout regimen. These fitness bands are tied on the wrist and many of them also display the time, date, month and year. We are wholesale suppliers of Smart Wrist Band Fitness, and Resistance Band Fitness Wrist Bands in Mumbai, India.

Some bands have sensors like accelerometers to measure the steps taken by the user. There are other sensors that can then quickly interpret the data to find out the calories burnt and the distance covered by the user. This is based on the initial height, weight and age details fed into the app by the user. There are fitness bands that monitor heart rate as well.

We will be delighted to show you the whole range of such fitness bands you can consider gifting.