Easy folding hinges built with great quality, easily gliding in one’s backbag or side bag with dimension 17.5*12.5*19 cm supports.

All smart phones, PC and laptop with Bluetooth 4.2 and it can be connected wirelessly to any device.

Can listen to all-time favourite music which supports WMA /MP3format. Ports available for Flash drive, Aux.

XECH 2 in 1 Wireless Speaker + headphone also supports A2DP which mean Advanced Audio Distribution Profile. This is the Bluetooth Stereo profile which defines how high quality stereo audio can be streamed from one device to another over a Bluetooth connection. It is enabled with Wireless facility.

Without using your phone just by a single touch you can enable answering, rejecting or ending the call.

Xech wireless speaker with headphone is a classic and compact device easy to carry and easy to fold.

Here are the specifications for the Xech Wireless Speaker and the headphone

BT Version: 4.2

Battery: 450mA

Output Power: RMS 3W*2

Speaker: 4Ω/3W φ40mm

Power: 250mA

Sensitivity: 500mV+ 50mV

Call feature: 2hrs

Maximum consumption current headphone mode: 100mA

SNR: >70dB

Frequency response: 90Hz-180Hz

Dimension: 17.5*12.5*19 cm