It’s quite difficult to survive without a smart device in today’s generation and keeping this is mind the XECH ABS Leather Power Bank comes with a rich elegant digital display look, portable to carry and easy to use suitable for all smart phones.

Built with good quality components and best material it is elegantly designed offering a sturdy look of the body.

It’s a very unique and innovative product which comes with dual USB Charging Port and a powerful battery capacity of 11000mAh allowing the user to charge their device multiple times through it and two devices can be charged at the same time. As the name specifies the material is ABS Leather of excellent quality.

The digital display screen shows the status of its battery in LED indicator eliminating the task to calculate the battery status.


Battery capacity: 11000mAh

Battery type: Li-Polymer

Input: DC 5V, 1A,

Output: DC 5V, 1A & 2.1A (Max)

Material: ABS Leather

Suitable for all smart phones.