Xech Bluetooth Speakers

Xech Wooden Bluetooth Speaker

This compact wooden Bluetooth speaker that looks simple yet elegant with a wooden texture, has amazing utilities. You can connect it to your phone for the Bluetooth facilities like answering calls and listening to music. In addition, it also has the provisions for a pen drive and micro SD card. This helps you to access data on the phone or the device connected to it. The 3W power and the micro charging facility ensures that the speaker is on the run to keep up with your device. Being compact, you can carry it anywhere with you and use it with ease.


Xech Mini X6 Bluetooth Speaker

This compact Bluetooth speaker gives you an engaging sound experience for music and several utilities regarding connectivity. The 3W power gives a decent sound quality as you carry the device on the go. You can answer your calls hands free with the Bluetooth connectivity. With the micro SD card, pen drive slot and the FM features, the speaker gives you a complete range of options for music other than your playlist. The design is compact and attractive and you can carry it along with you in your car and use it in office, on trips and other outings.


Xech X6 Bluetooth Speaker

The X6 Bluetooth speaker though not very compact is handy and attractive. It comes in black with a color lining and is portable. The power is 6W and you can manage it on the go accordingly. In addition to the Bluetooth facility, it has Aux and pen drive slots. You can connect your smart phone or tablets and answer calls on the go. The pen drive slot, micro SD card slots help you access data and music as well. You can also tune in to FM radio and listen to your favorite radio stations.


Xech Metal Bluetooth Speaker

A compact and stylish Bluetooth speaker with a metallic finish. This is ideal for personal use as well as great to gift it to someone. It has the following utilities:

  • Bluetooth: Connect your phone to answer calls or listen to music or connect your playlist through any other smart device.
  • Micro SD card: Insert your SD card to access music files or data.
  • Aux: You can connect any other device that may not have a Bluetooth utility.
  • 3W power: Carry the speaker to office, work or on your outing to get a decent sound experience.
  • FM Radio: Tune in to your favorite radio station through the speaker.


Xech Barrel Bluetooth Speaker

A barrel shaped Bluetooth speaker that is sound and sturdy. This is ideal for a desktop use or to be used at home. The color is rich jet black and looks great. However, it is portable to be carried out as well. The 5W capacity provides a good sound quality. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can listen to music as well as answer your calls hands free. The FM radio and micro SD card facility helps you get a varied music experience. It also has a USB slot that enables you to connect to other devices as well as charge the speaker.