Finding the perfect gift for a fitness fanatic can put you in a difficult proposition. Whether it’s running, walking, cycling, yoga or tennis, athletes take their fitness seriously — and often have specific preferences for everything.

Smart bands which track daily fitness and sleep activities is a popular and useful device to track and monitor the fitness activities and more important it also does Offline Measurement (without mobile phone APP measurement anytime and anywhere.

Healthy life begins with XECH i7c Smart Band, a smart band with heart rate sensor, detect real time heart rate and gives you real time data with decent accuracy. You can easily enter the heart rate monitoring mode all the time or whenever you want to measure it. It also monitors blood pressure, monitoring your sleep, calories and fatigue level.

Come Rain or Wind the unique water resistant design (IP67) ensure that i7C works out with you even in harsh weather conditions also bathing can be assured except in hot water. IP67 is waterproof and dustproof, to meet the basic needs of outdoor sports. It gives you notifications for incoming calls, call rejection displaying the name or number on screen, message notification like text message, Facebook, WhatsApp and line displaying the message content, alarm and many more. The smart band can monitor your real-time blood pressure. The device will automatically measure the status of cardiovascular health, and then gives some advice, it also accurately record all-day activities such as blood pressure, steps, distance, calories burned, heart rate, and sleep status. Built in with pedometer tracks each step, distance, calories burned giving fair accuracy for fitness activities thus motivating people to exercise & stay fit. Satisfy with your basic sport demands, real-time monitor your exercise data

Xech i7C not only does the above for you but also has a GPS Tracking built in facility which helps you when you are travelling and have lost your way, well it does good for your friends, family and relatives too by taking care of them, you can add the desired people on the app to monitor their activities and take fitness to a new level and a great way to take care of your family and friends and your near and dear ones who are using i7c. In short it is a fun way to compete with your friends to get fit and healthy.

Also for the all the selfie lovers there is “Shake to Take Photograph” tab all you have to do is just click on it and shake your hand to click the photo, and much more options to explore.

The Xech i7C features a 0.96-inch colour display with a resolution of 160 x 80 dpi, It’s unusual to see a colour screen on a fitness band with lovely large icons and numbers which gives Xech it’s first move and advantage over others .The Xech smart band comes with a ABS+PC for it’s body material and TPU for it’s band material .also Xech has a built-in USB port on the core unit for charging — this means that you don’t have to carry a separate charger for the tracker.

Battery life is great too. Also the product weight is as light as a feather with just 20 gms on wrist. Compatibility factor -it runs well with IOS8.2 +Android 4.4, to switch on or off the phone you just need to do a long press (3 seconds)

The i7C Smart band also supports multi language feature as enabled


CPU: nRF 52832

Display Screen: 0.96” IPS

Bluetooth: V 4.0

Resolution: 160*80dpi

Power Charging: USB Charging

Battery: 80mAh

Standby Time: 7-12 days

Dimension: 230*11*20mm

Body Material: ABS+PC

Band Material: TPU

Waterproof: IP67

Working Time: 3-5 Days

Product Weight: 20g

Compatibility: IOS8.2 + Android 4.4