Xech K2 Earpods Multipoint Connection which perfectly fits the human ear is made up of ABS with compatibility 4.1/4.2 Bluetooth version. The XECH K2 Earpods are compatible with all smart phone. Ear pods weigh 5.0 gram each *2 as light as feather. The size of ear buds is 28*20*28mm. this is much convenient, easy to use, faster, low energy consumption ear pod device in comparison to previous versions.

This ear pod comes with multipoint connection that can connect two Bluetooth device simultaneously. K2 uses 50mAh battery for each ear pods. Ear pods are fully charged and loaded to use in an hour’s charging enabling quick charge, while providing stand by time of 100 hours wherein calling time is of 4 hours and play time of 2.5hours

Inductive Magnet Charging 450mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery giving full supply to the ear pods when in need and offering emergency power supply to the headset when in urgent need and case dimension is of 80*60*30mm. Frequency response is of 80-20KHz. Charging devices uses micro USB cable to charge the unit in order to charge the ear pods.

The ear pods can be charged 4 times.   

K2 earpods comes with a LED indicator reflecting red light when the ear pods are in full swing of charging while blue light reflects it is ready to use. It is a tiny yet powerful device which lets you attend /end calls. The microphones used are of HD Quality to make calls crystal clear and loudly having stereo sound.

Within the range or up to the range of 10m the earphones can be connected with the smartphone.

The package includes 2* Earbuds, 2*Earplugs, 1 Charging cable,1 user friendly manual easy to understand and provide guidance on usage.

XECH K2 Earpod is the smallest and virtually invisible Bluetooth Headphone that can be used both for phone calls and listening to music from paired mobile phones. It uses latest Bluetooth V4.1 version. XECH K2 is a tiny, stylish, powerful Bluetooth headphone that allows you to enjoy music while and also takes phone calls using a built-in mic

Below are the specifications:

Material: ABS

BT version: 4.2

Earphones Battery: 50mAh (Each earphones)

Charge time: 1 hr

Charger battery: 450mAh

Charging Case: 80*60*30mm

Stand By: 100Hrs

Earbuds weight: 5.0g*2

Earbuds Size: 28*20*28mm

Frequency Response: 80-20KHz

Charging input for charging box: Micro USB cable

THD: <0.5%

S/N: 82dB

Multipoint connection: 2 Bluetooth devices can be connected simultaneously

LED indicator: Yes

Compatible All smart phone