Xech Q7 Karaoke Speaker plus Mike

This is an attractive and portable Karaoke device from Xech that gives you the functionalities of a Bluetooth device as well. Xech is a Karaoke Microphone (कैरियोके माइक्रोफोन) wholesaler & Wholesale Dealers in India. Some of the exclusive features are the mix chip that delivers smooth and rich voice quality. It also supports music software and apps and you can connect the mobile or computer and record the song. The microphone has high sensitivity and delivers good music. You get a box with cable accessories. Other than this, you can enjoy these features:

  • A USB charging cable and a USB rechargeable battery in case you need it on the go
  • Music streaming and calls through Bluetooth connectivity
  • Pen drive and micro SD slots
  • A built in battery and a 5W power
  • Microphone and recording facility

So welcome to the Karaoke world from Xech.