XECH T1 Desk Lamp energy saving is a good desk light, will save you from eye strain and headaches. Your eyes need more light to be able to focus better on the task at hand. However, starting young is the key to keeping your eyes healthy.

Long press the start button to adjust the brightness of the lamp according to your need. XECH T1’s arm is easily adjustable to direct the light wherever you need it the most.

With classic design this lamp will beautifully illuminate any desk or nightstand. Little or dimmable touch switch conveniently located at the base of the lamp for quick and easy use. Long press it to adjust the brightness.

It can be connected to a power source as well as any USB port for recharging. Completely portable and rechargeable.

It has single button operation with feather touch options. It comes with integrated white light LEDs. The main feature of this lamp is the recycle charging of LED Lightings.

With 1.5W power it gives an input of DC5V 0.5A using battery 500mAh lead-acid for work time 2-3 hours it brightly illuminates the desk or work area as per the place. The colour of this light is white, it uses 60cm micro USB cable wire to charge the lamp.


Input: DC5V 0.5A

Power: 1.5W

Battery: 500mAh lead-acid

Illumination: 30cm ≥250LUX

Work time: 2-3h

CRI: Ra≥80

Certification: CE/ROHS

Light color: White

Color temperature: 6500k