Dimmable touch LED table lamps with 3-Level adjustable brightness desk lamp through touch sensor switch. Elegant design, light weight and eco-friendly study lamp comes with inbuilt rechargeable battery of 1200mAh Lithium battery.

Premium Glossy Finish has been given to the Finishing of the touch lamp. Excellent Rounded Mould of ABS is used for the Touch lamp. The dimensions is 115m for Length and width whereas the height is 512mm.

It radiates power of 3W with led chips 300 Lumens. It’s an energy saver device with the rating of A++ for minimum power & maximum Lumens.

The touch lamp can be used for maximum 6 – 8 hours using micro USB cable to charge.    

Totally flexible and can be adjusted to different heights and angles, an excellent combination of lighting and decorating. LED bulbs produce soft light giving smooth lighting effect, no flickering, no dazzling, and no-radiation and protect your vision.

If you’re looking for a beautiful, multi-functional desk lamp for your office or home, this Xech T2 – 4 in 1 Touch Lamp is just what you would need. There is utility pen stand option which can hold 10-12 pens which can also be alternatively used to grow a beautiful air-purifying or feng shui indoor plant and spread good energy.

Despite the flexibility, the Xech T2 is very stable and sturdy. The joints are firm, which keeps the lamp stable where you put it. It’s bright, non-flickering light makes it pleasant for reading, studying, working etc. Being an LED lamp, it consumes very little energy. It has a 360 degree rotating lighting.

Eco Friendly desk lamp with pen holder, Plant Pot, and also can be used as emergency lights. It can be used in home, office, schools, reading etc. It’s completely water proof and you can grow an indoor plant, also can regularly water it. It is environmentally friendly and soft on the eyes. USB Rechargeable: Built-in rechargeable Lithium battery, powered by USB port, cycle charge led lighting, long life of working. It has an easy storage and foldable property


Finish: Premium Glossy Finish

Material: Excellent Rounded Mould of ABS. Beautiful Design





Power Output: 3W

LED Chips: 300 Lumens

Energy Rating: A++ for minimum power & maximum Lumens

Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium battery

Input Charging: Micro USB charging

Battery Power: 1200mAh

Working Time: 6-8 Hours Max

Other LED Specifications: No glare, No flicker, No radiation & UGR >19 for easy and smooth lighting effect