Racers you should really consider investing in this smart watch, it also has a logo so you don’t have worry about it being authentic. We offer wholesale I5 Plus Bluetooth Smart Watch Bracelet w/ Sports Tracker in Insia

i5plus seems to be the very best of the smart watches that are available right now, Here’s a quick look at all the features:

With steps taken, distance travelled, calories, goal, silent remind, camera remote, incoming call alert and effective touch it has taken the market by storm.

Activity track-multi sport is one of its features that you will surely like, it will help you keep track of your heart rate and distance travelled for not just one but any amount of sports activities you want to participate in.

You will never miss any meeting, as this watch has smart alarm settings.

It has sleep monitor, also social media notifications can be viewed by using this

Make sure your Bluetooth version is 4.0 and then connect it to your phone.